Podcast: Digging Deeper – Episode 2: Sustainability

Posted on: 2020-03-20

Episode 2 of Digging Deeper focuses on sustainability.


Guests in the Studio for the recording of Digging Deeper - Episode 2

UCEM was recently audited by students for its National Union of Students (NUS) Responsible Futures reaccreditation effort. With several students and apprentices at our Reading-based HQ, it provided a great opportunity to sit down and speak to them.

Here, UCEM PR and Social Media Manager, Andrew Belt, spoke to UCEM’s Research Assistant – Education & Sustainability, Antonia Lindsay, and Chartered Surveyor apprentices, Rebecca Thurman and Harry Bowen from Arup, about the audit and the group’s thoughts on sustainability and why it matters.

Either listen below or find us on Spotify or the iTunes store and listen there. Enjoy the podcast!