Podcast: Digging Deeper – Neurodiversity

張貼於: 2021-03-18

Episode 5 of Digging Deeper focuses on neurodiversity.


What is neurodiversity? What language should be used with neurodiversity? What opportunities are there for neurodivergent people in the property industry?

These questions and plenty more are asked by our PR and social media manager, Andrew Belt, in this podcast where we hear what Homes England is doing to support neurodiversity. First to answer questions is Zoe Bacon – property apprenticeship manager at the Office of Government Property – who works with UCEM on apprenticeships.

Zoe Bacon

Zoe Bacon

We then hear from Miranda Foster – senior manager affordable housing products at Homes England – and Jenny Offord – senior planning and enabling manager at Homes England and a student on UCEM’s MBA Construction and Real Estate programme. Miranda and Jenny discuss their experiences of neurodiversity and the Homes England Neurodiversity Network which Miranda set up a year ago and for which, Jenny is vice-chair.

Miranda Foster Jenny Offord

(L-R) Miranda Foster and Jenny Offord

Listen to the 50-minute podcast below:


Alternatively, read the written version of the podcast.

To find out more about the support we offer neurodivergent students at UCEM, head to the ‘Disability and wellbeing support’ webpage.