Climate supercomputer, Environment Bill and BoKlok: Inside the March 2020 issue of Knowledge Foundations

Posted on: 2020-03-05

The March 2020 issue of Knowledge Foundations is available to view now!

In this month’s issue, you can read more on the following:

  • UK invests £1.2bn into weather and climate supercomputer

With seemingly a different storm hitting the UK every day, this investment could be money well spent as the supercomputer will predict severe weather and the impacts of climate change faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • New Environment Bill

Sticking with the government and climate change, Parliament approved the introduction of an Environment Bill with the headline action being to stop the exports of polluting plastic waste to developing countries. Positive news indeed!

  • BoKlok set to launch in Bristol, Worthing and Peacehaven

No, not another government story featuring an obscure acronym for the Prime Minister, but a collaboration between Skanska and IKEA named ‘BoKlok’ will see their low-cost, offsite-manufactured homes launched in Bristol, Worthing and Peacehaven.

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